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I have an entire Network Marketing Website dedicated to helping you earn money online in ANY business.Ask Sharron Gimik

Welcome and thank you for joining us today.

I am Sharron Gimik who said yes to an opportunity 5 years ago because at the time I was looking to make a little extra money on the side.

But I got so much more and an Avon family that I love.

*At Avon – Financial rewards with an unbelievably strong company!  Someone just told me this was the FINANCIAL BLESSING she had been waiting for!

*You are here today because of a friend, relative, neighbor or colleague invited you to hear more about the incredible Avon opportunity!

*I’m here to help you get to know NEW AVON and the #1 SOCIAL SELLING COMPANY IN THE WORLD!

130 years ago – David H McConnell founded this amazing company and he understood that women were critical to success!

Since then, Avon’s unwavering commitment to empowering women as business owners has been the driving force behind this LEGENDARY COMPANY!

How many of you can remember Avon from your family?

Avon is in over 100 countries around the world!  We were the first to market with alpha Hydroxy in anti-aging skin care products! We remain ahead of our time with innovation over the years!  With so many products to offer, this opportunity provides multiple streams of income for our Representatives!

Cutting edge technology – simple and easy for you and customers!

First beauty company to offer an e-commerce site.

We now dominate as the #1 mentioned beauty brand in all of the social media!

Avon is setting the bar higher for other brands to follow!

SIMPLE MATH – AVON has been putting women in business for over 130 years….that’s 34 years before women were granted the right to vote!

Today, Avon is one of the world’s largest direct selling companies and a global beauty icon.

Our name stands for quality and trust, decade after decade!

The Avon Foundation has raised over $1 Billion for Breast Cancer Awareness and Domestic Violence crusades!

In the industry, our product research and development is BUZZWORTHY!

For instance, our Anew Ultimate Cream has outperformed $350 department store brands in documented research studies!


  • 2 out of 5 women have purchased an Avon product in the last year.
  • 2 Avon mascaras are sold every second
  • 3 Anew skin care products are sold every second
  • 4 Avon lipsticks are sold every second

JUST FOR FUN….GRAB YOUR PURSE ….how many lipsticks do you have right now?

3 lipsticks,  5, 6, 7, 8 —— more???

The average woman has 5 lipsticks in her purse at any time.

Possibilities are limitless!  The average lipstick sells for less than $10 – you do the math!


We have developed branded products that celebrate Avon’s Support and commitment to Breast Cancer research and Speak Out against domestic violence!

Just as we are leaders in Fashion Jewelry, Avon’s Fragrances are developed with the world’s leading perfume.  We have the widest range of fragrances to cover every mood and scent.

We have products for EVERYONE!  So many ways to make your customers HAPPY!  Skin Care, Beauty, Fragrance, Fashion, Home, and personal care items!

The Daily Care Bundle – introductory offer for new Reps. (LOA 1 – 7)

This offer can help you leverage the earning opportunity with a try it offers – if you are new, text to 10 people! Let’s see who gets the first response!

As Representatives, When you look good, you feel good!  And when you feel good, you DO GOOD!


The Avon community is definitely all about being your own boss and helping people live happier lives!

We are best represented by WHO we –

INTRODUCE co-host or LEADER to tell a little more about how our products have opened doors to real possibilities.

ASK them to share what they love?

What product is their favorite selling products?

When was the last time, you recommended a product to a friend just because you loved it?


Sharing is easy when you are excited and passionate about something!  We have products that IMPROVE PEOPLE’S LIVES!


TESTIMONIAL – Let’s hear from another Beauty Boss who is doing just that!

The Avon Representatives opportunity is truly flexible!

Share what you want!  Sell when you want!  Build how you want!

Maybe you want to focus on skincare or makeup? Or fashion and jewelry?

You can sell a little or sell a lot.  You can add lots of people to your team or only a few.

That’s the beauty of being an Avon representative.  Your office is anywhere you want.  And the sky’s the limit.

Getting started is as easy choosing the right kit!  Right now, we have an amazing offer to earn a rebate on your kit price!

Put money in your pocket RIGHT AWAY!.

There are $25, $50 and $100 options to choose from whether you are just looking for a Quick Start or you are ready to hit the ground running with our Premium Starter Kit with a retail value of over $400 worth of products and business supplies!

These business kits come boxed and ready to go!

Your success is supported by LEADING EDGE PRODUCTS!  Something for EVERYONE!

YourAvon.com is an interactive community! It’s a private website just for you!

You have access to leading technology with tools and resources to support running your business!  User-friendly apps like SOCIAL MEDIA CENTER!

AVON U is our amazing training site with multiple courses ranging from product info to how to apply products!  Build your skills!

INCENTIVES – Always creative and fun ways to earn rewards!  Drive like a Boss and Cruise Like a Boss – just had Vacation Like a Boss to Atlantis!

How does earning over $1000 in your first 90 days sound?

Pretty good right?  Here’s a simple slide to explain our KICKSTART PROGRAM.

representatives kickstart

Hit the ground running and gain momentum!

Here’s how it works:

  • 40% over your next 6 orders (we call them campaigns), when you achieve each of the KickStart sales goals – example $660
  • Invite friends to build a business together. Receive $50 on every qualified KickStart recruit who joins your team within the Kickstart timeframe, there’s no limit. It’s up to you!
  • Earn $200 when you hit all the Kickstart sales goals and recruit 3 friends to join your team and sell!! That’s a total of $1010 if you hit all goals.

Your sponsor will be with you every step of the way to make sure you know when and how to achieve the Kick-Start goals.

Customize your online store with just a few clicks!  Send your link out to your friends and family right away.  Avon provides it all!

Offer your first-time shoppers a 25% discount on their first order when you email or text them your link and code!

The online store allows you to sell to many more customers than you could face-to-face, and with your online store open 24 hours, there’s no worry about time zones getting in the way.  There’s nothing to stop you having customers can be from all over.

A shop with your name on it


You will be sharing ideas either face to face or virtually with a member of the team you join!  There are sales meetings, Facebook Live events, seminars, training and just a lot of fun!

There is always someone to talk to, ask questions and share successes with!

We are all waiting to hear about Repfest, our big annual convention – where will it be for 2018?

Work hard and play hard!

Who likes to travel like a BOSS!

Sand Diego, Orlando, Nashville, Bermuda, Bahamas, Las Vegas, Mexico….just to name a few!

This could be you pictured on this slide this time next year!

representatives work hard play hard

I hope you have enjoyed hearing about the possibilities to CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH AVON!

If you love to be with people who support women to be beautiful inside and out, and live happier and fulfilled lives….then this is the BLESSING you have been waiting for!

You can count on WORLD CLASS PRODUCTS, GREAT TOOLS, AND FREE TRAINING!  You will see a real return on your investment!

  • Who wants to go on an all-expenses-paid cruise to the Bahamas raise your hand? Does your day job offer that?
  • What another company that you know of is giving away 5 brand new cars to their representatives, just for committing to building their businesses? None that I can think of?
  • When is the last time somebody put cash on your account, just for getting started right away? Would $1000 make a difference in your life?

We are the pioneers in this business!

That’s why we do it bigger and better than the rest!

We pave the way for other companies in this industry and show them how it’s done!

So let’s get you started right here, right now!  Start earning immediately!

We are the company that will partner with you to bring your dreams into reality!

And again, thank you so much for joining us!

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