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Come Back To Avon: Reappointment E-Mails Launch!

April 19, 2017

In Campaign 9, Avon launched the new Enhanced Representative Earnings Plan. As you know, this gives ALL Representatives the opportunity to earn Same Pay, Every Way!, which means:

• The same earnings %, across brochure and online orders (eStore)!
• Earnings on first dollar of sales. There is no minimum order size to earn.
• Watches are now considered as jewelry, and are FULL earnings items.
• Use your online store (eStore) to provide even greater customer service through direct shipping and inventory awareness. Not only will customers get products faster, their products will arrive in adorable packaging, so no need to repack it yourself.

There is no better time to share this great news with your team members (downline) that have stepped away from their business and had their account access removed. The first wave of emails will be directed at those “Removed in Good Standing” and have had their account closed for more than 26 campaigns. If this is the case, the former Representative will need to sign up at with a new account number. These Representatives are eligible to play in the enhanced KickStart program which gives them 40% guaranteed earnings on their first order (regardless of order size), across both the full and fixed earnings categories, and the opportunity to earn an additional bonus of $1000+ in 90 days when they meet KickStart goals! The email program begins April 19th—May 16th (C10 & C11 / C12 & C13 Trendsetter) and will highlight these attractive features!

The second wave of emails will launch May 3rd, and be directed at Representatives “Removed in Good Standing” that have had their accounts closed less than 26 campaigns. This group of returning Representatives are eligible for free reinstatement of their account, and will maintain their original account number. As a bonus, we are extending to them 40% earnings on Beauty and Jewelry, and 20% earnings on Fashion and Home, with their first order. This first order must be placed in Campaign 11 or 12 National / Campaign 13 or 14 Trendsetter, no minimum order size requirement.

You will be receiving, in VIBE, a listing of two reports to support your efforts:

• Representatives Removed in Good Standing Eligible for Reappointment
• Representatives Removed in Good Standing Eligible for Reinstatement

Each report will become available on VIBE, as their respective emails launch. Please follow up with each group of team members (downline) to insure they received the email invitations and answer any questions they might have about this opportunity.

Remember, Avon is communicating the great news through email, so we recommended you follow up personally with a phone call to welcome them back to your team and answer any questions they may have.

Earning more has never been easier at Avon, than it is today!

Thank you for partnering with us to make this initiative a success.

Former Representatives removed 26 campaigns or more Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Come Back to Avon Reappointment initiative”? We’re inviting tens of thousands of former Representatives who’ve been removed for 26 campaigns or more to come back to Avon. Because of the length of time they have been removed—a year or more—anyone who decides to return will not be considered a reinstatement, but rather a reappointment.

What is a reappointment? A reappointment is the term we use to identify former Representatives who desire to rejoin Avon but whose length of removal doesn’t permit them to be reinstated. When an account is removed 26 campaigns or more, they must sign up again as “new” (reappointment). For all intents and purposes they are a new Representative with a new account number. They are eligible for all new Representative incentives even though we know they have previous Avon selling experience. Why now? With the launch of our Enhanced Earnings program in C9 2017 (TS 11) we thought it would be a great opportunity to invite former Representatives to come back to Avon as we have the Enhanced KickStart Program and Enhanced Representative Earnings Story to tell.

When does the Come Back to Avon program start? The campaign begins C10 (TS 12) April 19th and runs for two campaigns (4 weeks). How are you inviting former Representatives to Come Back to Avon? We’re kicking off a series of three emails that will land in these Representatives’ email inboxes from April 19 th – May 16th What is the communication/offer in this email? The people receiving this email have been removed over a year and therefore must rejoin Avon. As such, they are eligible to play in the enhanced KickStart program, which gives them 40% guaranteed earnings on their first order (regardless of order size) across both the full and fixed earnings categories. They can also take advantage of the new Enhanced Earnings structure. We will explain the enhanced earnings structure within the email and invite them back to receive the KickStart program’s 40% earnings offer.

I understand these Representatives are not eligible for Reinstatement – but will Avon still try to link them to their former Mentor’s (upline’s) team? Yes! We know the success of our Representatives increases when they are linked to a Mentor. As you know, once a removed Representative’s account ages 26 campaigns, the Mentor linkage is severed. However, the emails these former Representatives receive includes a link to with the most recent Mentor’s reference code embedded within. By clicking this link, it will automatically hardcode the reference code of the most recent mentor to the former Representative. They must click that link for this to occur and they will be directed in the email to As of 4/19/2017 do so, but Avon cannot control the action(s) of any individual and therefore does not promise or guarantee re-links to former team members through this program. Avon will also not change the linkage should a former Representative not opt to connect to their former mentor via this link.

What should I do if a former Representatives did not use my reference code? Avon has made the best effort to ensure that returning Representatives stay in the same Leadership family. Avon is making the recommendation of your reference code in the email as well as embedding it as a direct link to, which will automatically attach to the most recent mentor (upline). However, there are no guarantees, express or implied, that the linkage will be preserved, as we cannot control the behavior or actions of any former Representative. Should they choose to access through, and enter a code other than the most recent Mentor’s, we will accept as is. Any that come through without a code will be assigned as a new lead via ALMA. No changes will be made or linkage modified as this program is not designed, nor guarantees linkage of discontinued Representatives to former Mentors.

What happens if someone in my lineage has left Avon yet one of their former Representative rejoins? Ideally, they will link to you! Avon has made every effort to ensure that anyone in a lineage/team will roll up to the next active Leader in good standing. That means, barring unforeseen circumstances, if we’re reaching out to a Generation 3 Representative, and the Generation 2 Representative is no longer with Avon, the Generation 1 Representative who is still active and in good standing will have his/her code embedded in the email. What is the role of Sales Leaders with this Program? To make this program as effective as possible, we are encouraging you to reach out to your former Representatives and influence them to rejoin, leveraging the 40% guaranteed earnings on the first order (through KickStart) and the Enhanced Earnings as a talking point. Although they are receiving an email, your personal interaction can be the catalyst to drive results and minimize the risk of the removed Representative not re-linking to you. You can access your former Representative list on VIBE. Please note: On this report there is an “Unsubscribe” column. If checked, that Representative has “opted out” of receiving Avon emails and offers. This means they would not, by their choice, have received the “Come Back to Avon” email and should not be contacted with this offer. Under federal law, requests to unsubscribe must be honored.

What is the District Sales Manager role in this program? DSMs will receive a breakdown on the number of invitations that went out to former Representatives in their district. With that, they’ll see how many Representatives were emailed and under which leader in their district that they fall. This information does not contain any Representative detail.

Will anyone else get a list of my previously attached Representatives? No. Your Representative list will not be shared, and we are making every attempt to recommend them to rejoin Avon with your individual reference code.

Come back to AVON fact sheet. pdf

Sales for upcoming campaigns:

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Shop the online brochure – shop the Avon online brochure and add your favorite Avon products to your shopping cart directly from the online catalog.

Quick item entry – enter current Avon product numbers from the current Avon Catalogue or back order from the previous 2 Avon catalogs by entering the Avon Product item number.

Join Avon Team My Beauty eReps

Avon Representative Taylor, Michigan – Sharron Gimik

Sharron Gimik signed up to sell Avon in June 2012. Sharron serves Taylor, Michigan and surrounding areas. To become an Avon Representative on Sharron's Team, My Beauty eReps, follow these steps.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter Avon Representative Reference Code: SHARRONGIMIK
  3. Select your kit, starting at $25.
  4. Start promoting your new Avon Business as an Avon Representative with your online store.
  5. Your kit will come in a few days!

Avon Sales Levels – Join the President's Club to Earn 40%

Did you know you only need to average $385 per campaign (campaign 1 – 26) or reach $10,000 in award sales in 2017 to make President's Club? When you are a PC member, you are guaranteed 40% commission on all full earnings items on every order no matter the size the for the entire following year! Plus receive other great benefits…check out the President's Recognition booklet on under the PRP tab.

Earn more Money with Avon by Building a Team

Did you know all Avon Representatives can now start a team online? This means you can start a nationwide team by promoting the Avon opportunity online. Tell prospects to go to and enter your reference code. Your reference code is the last part of your Avon website URL. My Avon website URL is, my reference code is SHARRONGIMIK. You can also promote the Avon opportunity directly from the Social Media Center on in the web office.

If you do not see a team member from Avon Team My Beauty eReps in your local area, you can still sign up on our team directly under me. I live in Michigan but still provide training. Sign up to sell Avon under My Beauty eRep's Team Leader Sharron Gimik by clicking here.

Recruiting ideas for building your team:

About me, I started selling as an Avon Representative in Taylor Michigan in June 2012 with the hopes that I could eventually turn my Avon Business into a full-time career. At the time I signed up to become an Avon Representative I was going to cosmetology school part-time and working as a Quality Manager full-time at a privately owned stamping facility. With a license in cosmetology and 30 years experience in quality management, I was confident I could build a successful Avon business. Of all the direct selling companies, Avon was the only company I enjoyed being a part of. Within my first year, I sold at the President's Club level reaching more than $10,000 in sales. In the following years, I sold as much as $20,000 in annual sales reaching Honor Society. Following, I started the Leadership Program reaching a high of Gold Ambassador December 2015.

Over the last year, I have struggled to find the balance between my full-time job and the start of my Avon business. I made a lot of beginner's mistakes and learned from every one. Today my focus is creating an on-line presence and reaching as many people I can. Every business has its ups and downs. But with perseverance, I still believe. I invite you to follow along with this journey.

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