How do I get paid with AVON?

The pay with Avon is strictly commission and is based on how much you sell in a two-week campaign. You are responsible for finding your own customers. Share the brochures. The commission ranges between 20% – 50% based on how much you sell. To give you an example: if you sold $300.00 worth of products, you’d earn $105.00 because that would put you at 35% commission. Here’s how it works: we go around with the brochures for two weeks and collect orders with full payments from customers, then we tell Avon what we need to fill the orders. At the time you submit your order, you will be asked to submit a payment to Avon which equals the wholesale “cost” of the products. Avon ships us the products and we take them and deliver to our customers. The customer will have already paid you the brochure price (retail). The amount you earn is the difference between the brochure price and the wholesale cost of the products. To use the above example of the $300.00 order, you’d pay Avon $195.00 at the time you place the order and keep the $105.00 profit immediately. When the products arrive from Avon, simply deliver them to your customers with the next brochure. There is a statement with your order that tells you exactly how much you earned on each item and what your expenses are. Once you have signed up, you will be able to register at for free online training courses which you can start while you are waiting for your starter kit to arrive. Feel free to explore the representative site.You can start selling on-line immediately. Direct your customers to your new estore on your free website. Your website address is[yourusername].

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