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Answers to most commonly asked questions to become an Avon Rep

  1. How much will I make? When you sell Avon your earnings are based on commission. Avon Representatives earning 20-50% from the products they sell.
  2. How do I get started selling Avon? To sell Avon, complete the form at the top and Avon will mail you your kit. You can start selling Avon from your website immediately. The kit comes with all the information to start your Avon business. Additional training is online at youravon com.
  3. How much does it cost to start selling Avon? The Avon starter kits begin at $25 and $50 and $100. You will have the option to select the kit before you enroll to become an Avon Rep.
  4. How old do I have to be to sell Avon? You must be a least 18 years old to be an Avon Rep.
  5. When is my Avon order due? Avon Representatives place an order every 2 weeks. These are called campaigns.

Sign up to sell Avon online today!

Avon Representative log in is at youravon com. This is your back office. Avon provides a place for a customer database, management tools for your Avon Representative website, and an entire section for training. Every Monday, Avon emails a newsletter to keep you updated. When you sell Avon you can earn bonuses, trips, and gifts. You can do it all online if you choose to – sign up to sell Avon online and sell Avon online 100%!

To learn more about the Avon opportunity click HERE.

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